Monday, July 12, 2010

What was my mother thinking?

If I ever get married and have kids, I will try to remember not to serve coffee for breakfast. My kids should never grow up knowing that coffee doesn't do a thing to wake their brains up. I would let them experience, like a normal person should, drinking 10 cups of coffee in less than two hours just so they can stay awake to witness that legendary goal by that legendary player who will make everyone forgets who Diego Maradona was.


brat2104 said...

ko terlepas game malam tadi eh? hahaha

red said...

Eh, boleh aku tak perasan komen ko nih.

Anyway, ni sumer salah mak aku. Kecik2 dah bagi aku minum kopi. Dah besar nih, aku takde method utk stay up. tido je laaa.