Saturday, July 09, 2011

Right to vote

I personally feel that only Malaysians that are residing in Malaysia and Malaysians that are affected by the Malaysian Government policies should be allowed to vote and it should stay that way forever.

Seriously, why would I want a person who lives thousands of miles away and not contributing a single sen of tax money gets a say in something that might have a significant impact on my life for next few years? I much rather that we let non-Malaysians, who are permanent residents here, to vote. At least they are making a life here and may be affected by the election results.

Yes, Malaysia is a democratic country. But if a person had chosen to work and resided overseas, that person is no longer part of the democratic society that I am in; hence, does not deserve the right to vote.

(Ehem, aku tak berani post kat FB pasal malas gaduh. Tapi inilah pendapat sebenar aku)


Saya Yang Ayu said...

yeah.... kat UK dulu... selalu dapat jemputan untuk men'vote'.... rase pelik tapi cam awesome.... "I have a say on who paints my doorstep".....

brat2104 said...

aku setuju... dah dia tak nak dok malaysia kan? watpe nk dia vote? baik dia vote utk negara yg dia duduk tu.. huhu